About Us

Premise Capital® traces its roots to a customer-focused investment advisory and asset management firm established over 70 years ago. The team worked to develop an asset allocation process that represents the process we see as the cutting edge of modern investment strategy.

The result is TCTL: The Premise Capital® Diversified Tactical ETF, a tax-efficient way* to access our investment strategy.

Key Principles

Our Diversified Tactical approach seeks to abide by the following tenets:

  1. Diversification is important. The tactical movements remain relative to the positioning of the classes from the traditional diversified portfolio.
  2. It’s necessary to adjust to changing market conditions. The portfolio can be positioned anywhere along the efficient frontier.
  3. Investors are best served by a portfolio with a mathematical approach that utilizes both of the above principles.

Abiding by these key principles, we concluded that the best way we could offer tactical asset allocation was within a risk-focused, diversified framework.


TCTL’s quantifiable, risk-focused method of investing is an embodiment of Premise’s key principles for investing in today's complex markets. It seeks to maximize the respective strengths and limit the weaknesses inherent in both strategic and tactical asset allocation.